Thanksgiving Turkey Banner

Since we were trapped indoors because of rain, we made crafts this morning. To honor the upcoming celebration of Thanksgiving, I wanted to decorate both fireplace mantles. The living room has the more formal banner that simply says "Thankful." The family room has the kids' inspired banner made of turkeys! (Is it a banner or a pennant?) Either way, the kids really had fun with this craft project. And I did too!

Keep reading to see how we made our Turkey Banner.
I printed off 10 copies of a turkey I found here. The kids and I colored each one with crayons and markers. Even baby Ruby helped out by "supervising." (She kept trying to eat the crayons and markers, so she was stuck on watch duty.)

I printed the turkeys on different colors of Fall-themed cardstock paper.

After coloring, we glued corn kernels, lentils, and rice to the turkeys. This was the kid's favorite part.

Once the glue dried, we shook off the extra material that didn't stick into the trash can. Rice stuck the best. The lentils and corn needed extra drying time before I dared to shake the paper.

Once everything was dry, I cut out the turkey shapes and hung the banner. I had two strings running across the mantle so I could tape the turkeys in two places. I was worried the weight of the turkeys would be too much for one piece of tape. Simon was so excited to help me hang them.

Can you tell the difference in artistry between a 4yr old, a 2 yr old, and a 30yr old?
I love seeing how they grow developmentally, and crafts are a great way to check that they are growing and learning!

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