Valentine's Day Banner

I love to decorate for holidays!
Since they are getting "older," I wanted to involve my kids in Valentine's Day decor.
So I made a heart outline, printed a few, and we went to coloring!

My 2yr old and I colored and colored.
(It's fun to act young sometimes and simply color a picture.)
Even the baby girl decorated a couple hearts!

I folded the papers in half and cut them out, leaving the tips on top connected.
(You can see the hearts are a bit straight on top from the fold.)

Then we hung the hearts onto a window banner.
Because we left them attached at the tops, they hung easily on top of the string.

The kids loved to come into the living room and point at the hearts.
I had written each of our names on a heart, and my son liked to point out:
"There's Simon! There's Grace! There's Mommy! There's Daddy!"

What a fun activity! Plus an easy decoration for upcoming Valentine's day.

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