Bunny Banners

My kids love to draw pictures, so this afternoon we created bunny pictures!
First, I printed a bunny template onto different colored papers.
Then I let the kids draw on half of the bunnies, while I made a banner out of the other papers.

Once I had the banner strung, I added little white pom-poms to their bunny butts with modge podge.
Simon was my big helper as I attached the banner onto the fireplace mantle.

What cute little bunny tails!
(Excuse the dying orchid in the picture below. . . )

The bunnies that the kids colored were hung on the sliding glass door.
Although Simon was trying to draw cute bunny faces, his 3yr old art skills made the bunnies look a little creepy, especially the bunnies with the claws. My sweet boy was so proud of his bunnies though that I had to hang them up,
despite their monster-esque appearance.

I hope you enjoy this easy Easter bunny decoration idea. Have wonderful Easter this weekend!

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