Thankful Banner

Since we were trapped indoors because of rain, we made crafts this morning. To honor the upcoming celebration of Thanksgiving, I wanted to decorate both fireplace mantles. The family room has the kids' inspired banner made of turkeys! The living room has the more formal banner that simply says "Thankful." (Someone comment and tell me if it's technically a banner or a pennant. . . )

The Thankful Banner was easy to make, and I love how it turned out. You'll have to overlook the accidentally switching from uppercase to lowercase letters though. I didn't notice the mistake until I had already hung the banner, and ain't nobody got time to redo a banner, right? The imperfection is what makes it perfect for my house.

To start off, I found a pennant template on Microsoft Word. It was blue, but I changed the setting to an orange color. I added a letter inside each pennant using the font Janda Happy Day. To keep with my Fall color pallet, I used a 2 shades of light yellow cardstock for printing. 

After cutting out the shapes, I hung my twine from the mantle. I started with the middle letters and taped each letter to the twine. Easy peasy.

I hope this daily reminder helps me nurture an attitude of gratitude in our home this year.
Happy Thanksgiving to your family too!

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