Father's Day Gift: Pennant and Picture Frame

I love displaying pictures around our home.
There are so many cute pictures of our kids, and so many memories I want to cherish!
This year we took our family photos in a field of bluebonnets. (This is the classic Central Texas family photo.) Our talented photographer took some fabulous photos which are happily displayed on the fireplace mantle. Recently, Johnny switched offices at work, so I wanted to make him a photo gift for his new office wall. I knew he would smile each day when he looked at the cute photos from his Father's Day gift.

Here is the how-to for you:

 First, gather all your supplies:
empty frame (no glass)
glue gun
twine or heavy string
pennant banners
adhesive or tape
(optional) paper cutter and backing card stock
family photos

 I found this frame at Hobby Lobby for $4. It was on clearance. The mini clothespins and the pennant banner were also from Hobby Lobby. I used Hobby Lobby's standard 40% off coupon for the pennant banner.

 Next, I strung the pennant through the twine, and then I laid out where I wanted the pennant and the pictures to be located on the back of the frame. Mark where the twine will be glued. Heat up your hot glue gun, and attach the twine. I added glue under and on top off the twine for a secure hold. Make sure you have the pennant facing backward when you glue, so that the front of the pennant faces out when he frame is flipped around.

I also attached some thick card stock behind each photo for a sturdy frame.

Once the glue is dry, cut off the extra length of twine, flip your frame around, and admire your craftiness.
Attach your photos to the twine with mini clothespins and decorate the pennant. Voila!
I am excited that this frame can be customized each year when we take family photos.
Just attach the new photos to the mini clothespins as desired. 

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful men out there!

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