Bluebonnet Pictures 2015

One amazing perk to living in Central Texas is the yearly flower show. Spring is announced by a carpeting of our humble State flower, the bluebonnet, along every road, field, and highway. Seeing waves of white and blue are simply inspiring to behold. I grew up in Amarillo, in the Northernmost tip of Texas, and unfortunately bluebonnets don't grow there. I love seeing them around Austin. Their presence makes up for the humid heat of Central Texas' long, long summer.
As Spring comes to a close, and the summer heat looms over us, I thought I'd share some of our family pictures to reminisce about the weather I'll miss. Plus I have to show off our cute kiddos! Each year we try to take pictures in bluebonnet fields, and this year it was exciting to have baby Ruby in our family photos.

Enjoy the photo explosion below. (You're welcome Mom.)
All pictures were taken by Judy Horton Photography. Check her out on Facebook.