8 Years of Halloween Couples Costumes

I love dressing up for Halloween!
Isn't it fun to wear something totally random for a day? 
During high school and graduate school I even got to wear a Halloween costume at my waitress jobs. I loved it. Dressing up can be fun for adults too!

From dating through marriage, we have worn a different couples costume every year for the last eight years. I really enjoyed looking back through these pictures to show all our outfits. Growing up, both my husband and I had to use the "family costume box." I remember being some form of a gypsy and clown multiple times. When we did get new costumes, they were precious! I am so grateful that we have been able to splurge on new costumes these last eight years, and we will have tons of options someday when try to reuse costumes. 

They are mostly homemade costumes (if using Goodwill clothing counts as homemade) with some occasionally sewing work by me. Each costume idea also has the ability to morph into a family costume too! Once we started having babies, we included our kids in our matching Halloween costume fun.

We had been dating for two weeks when we appeared as Hans and Leia for our first couples Halloween party. The Nerf guns were my favorite part of the costume.

Classic nerd costume. We were newlywed nerds in love.

I bought my first pantsuit for this costume - Presidential bank robbers. While spray painting the toy guns, I got some black specks on my wedding ring that have never fully scrubbed off. Oops.

I was so excited to be a Victorian era ghost that year! I found my dress at Goodwill and tried to dye it grey, but it stayed kinda pinkish. Our baby boy was a ghost-buster; his costume was just a simple onesie with an iron on. My hair wasn't so simple though. It took forever!

This time I was pregnant with our daughter, Grace. I wanted a unique maternity costume, so I came up with the idea to be the money bag in another robber ensemble. Read more about this costume and see the family version here.

Apparently we didn't take a couples costume photo this year, so you get the whole family! Fred and Daphne can be their own couples costume, but since our son loved Scooby Doo we added the whole family to the mix as Velma and Shaggy. This was also the year that I made our famous pumpkin pie pooper for the annual Halloween party. That has remained Johnny's favorite Halloween food item over all the years.

One year later. . . 
another baby and another costume!
Again we failed to snap a couples picture of our Egyptian costumes. And I admit, I spent lots more time making the kids' costumes than on our couples costumes, but in my defense the baby was only a week old! Our three little mummies were so cute though. I created our adult Egyptian headbands and cuffs the day of Halloween. Read more about these costumes here.

And finally we are up to date! Here's 2015 celebrating Halloween as a mermaid and a pirate. I loved creating this costume. It tested my sewing skills, but it turned out great. Read more about making a mermaid costume and see how the entire family joined the costume fun.

What's in store for 2016?
Wait and see!

Happy Halloween y'all

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