Pregnant Halloween Costume

When I was pregnant last October, I wanted an awesome maternity costume. 
Not the usual ones every other prego uses skeleton t-shirt or the bun in the oven...

I wanted something that the whole family could be a part of 
and something that could work in a couples costume. 
My husband and I always attend our friends' adult Halloween party, 
and our church always throws a big family trunk-or-treat.

Finally I came up with the idea of doing a robber/cop/money bag costume!

 at the couple's party
at the church party

For the pregnant money bag costume, I cut the bottom off a pillowcase and wriggled it onto my belly. I used a sash to hold it up around my waist. I traced the dollar sign on an empty cardboard cereal box, cut it out, and painted it black. (The dollar sign stays on better when pinned, rather than taped. . . )
Also, Simon had a police badge pinned to his blue collared shirt.

We took the "Most Creative" prize at the church party. Woo-hoo!

Happy Halloween to y'all too!