Halloween Food 2013 - Pumpkin Pie Poop Maker

I love Halloween food!
It's the only time a year that you eat yummy food that looks gross.
The more weird looking, the better.
We have won "Best Dessert" the last two years in a row at our friend's annual party.
This year we really wanted to win claim 3rd year in a row bragging rights.

The day before the party I ventured into the garage during nap time.
I pulled out the miter saw and some scrap wood and started chopping.
Although I had watched my hubby use that saw many times, I'd never operated it myself. 
After a phone Q&A with Johnny about undoing the child-lock on the saw, 
I was in business. I measured my angles, drilled my pre-holes, and built the chair!!
Johnny was impressed when he got home!

Together we attached the pumpkin to the potty seat and assembled his body.

We named him:
"Pumpkin Pie Poop Maker"

 See the "poop" in progress under the chair?  he he he

The pumpkin pie is actually an incredibly yummy recipe.
The pie has a homemade crust with a gingerbread layer underneath the pumpkin custard.
So, in our desire to win the contest, we went with delicious and gross-looking!
And.................................we won the prize again!
Champions, three years in a row.

I hope you all have a spooky, yummy, and fun Halloween!