Fall Decorating 2015

Now that it is finally October, I feel justified in decorating for the fall season.

We already eaten the pumpkin Oreos, the pumpkin muffin bars, and purchased our apple spice Scentsy wax. I even have my Fall hairstyle! But the Texas weather continued to stay hot and humid. I can always rationalize eating holiday Oreos, but I couldn't justify decorating the house until it was officially October. Maybe the Texas weather will cooperate soon and bring cooler temperatures so I can bust out the hot chocolate and a new cinnamon broom!

As I described in last year's post about Fall decorating, I love using picks to dress up the fireplace mantles and door wreath. Picks are those small items attached to a stick you see at Hobby Lobby. They are convenient, easy to store, and they allow me to change up my decorations each year. They are also pretty sturdy, so when your kids try to use them as drumsticks on a pumpkin, they won't break. (My older kids helped me decorate this morning, and it took less than 2 minutes for them to start banging away on my poor pumpkins.) But it was fun to have the kids help, and Grace was especially exited about placing leaves on the mantle.

If you look closely, you can see the wooden picks from each item in the grapevine wreath. 

Below are this year's decorating pictures:

Last year, I showed how my door wreath changes from year to year. I thought it would be fun to continue that tradition. First, I'll show you this year's door wreath. I thought I would stick with a simple wreath this year, because I intend to add a cute banner sign saying, "Happy Fall!"

Now, in keeping with my new tradition, here are all the previous wreaths lined up.

You can tell we stained the door a new color in 2014.

When does your family decorate for the Fall season? What are your decorating tips?

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