When Life Doesn't Work Out The Way You Think . . .

Sometimes things don't pan out the way you think they will, and sometimes that is completely fine!

 I am lucky to have friends that are trained hairstylists. I get to take my kids to appointments if necessary, and I get to talk with a great friend! Since Fall weather will eventually reach Texas, I wanted a new autumn shade for my hair. Earlier this week, I sat in my friend's styling chair for a haircut and new color.

Everything went accordingly to plan until we washed out the color. My hair looked great - but the shade was the same all around, instead of the reddish streaks we hoped to see mixed in with deep, rich brown. My generous friend offered for me to come back the next day, when she would add another layer of red to my hair. The next day, we realized it would be necessary to first add blonde highlights in order to guarantee the red dye would have a color to attach to. Then, the next day, she was finally able to add more red dye to my hair. The moment of truth came when all the color was washed out on the third day - and it was beautiful! I have a beautiful hair cut with  deep brown enriched with strands of red. Perfect for pumpkin and apple season!

So, why am I using a blog post to talk about my hair?

Sometimes things don't go according to plan, but that doesn't mean that our hopes and goals are ruined.

Usually, when someone decides that it's time to schedule a counseling appointment, things have gone awry. Hope is faltering, and stress is high. Their life plan has gone off course. As a counselor, I encourage my clients that they can get back on course. Together, through work and motivation, they can still reach their goals. Couples, individuals, teenagers, children - counseling can help.

Like my friend who has been trained in hair styling and coloring, a counselor is trained to help you overcome problems and find a fulfilling life path. Remember the journey to reach my desired hair color? We didn't expect it would take three days. We didn't anticipate all the extra color and product and time. Our plan went off course; however, we persevered. We made adjustments. We tried a couple other plans. We worked together, and I trusted that my friend had the knowledge and training necessary to help me.

If you feel like your life is increasingly frustrating, and you have wondered if counseling might help, call a professional counselor in your area. Let a trained professional help you get back on a healthy path. Find professional resources here and here. Read some tips for choosing your counselor in this previous post.

If you are curious, here's a picture of my hair.

I know it seems like I have cat ears, but it's the picture on the wall. . .

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