Fall Decorating

I learned an important lesson from my Mom.
"Fall is the best season to decorate the house."

She loved to decorate this season because it lasted so long. It could easily transition from "September" to Halloween and then onto Thanksgiving. At Halloween time she would incorporate spookiness and for Thanksgiving the turkeys came out, but overall the leaves, branches, and colors remained the same.

A second lesson learned about Fall decorating is:
"Use picks.""

 Picks are the small clusters of decor wrapped around a wire stick. You can easily stick them into a wreath, basket, or decorative tub. Buy the picks when they go on sale at Hobby Lobby or your favorite craft store, and they'll last for years. Picks also allow you to easily change up your decor, simply by placing them differently around the house. See one of my previous posts on this here.

See how I changed up the front door this year?
(We also stained the door a different color since last season. .  .)

Here are some pictures from around the house. 
(As I post this I realize that I need to buy some more foliage once it goes on sale!)

On use the long leaf garlands on my mantles, and then I use picks and pumpkins to plump up the space.

Here's another close up of the front door wreath. 
I think I'll add a banner to it this week that says something cutesy about Fall.

 Here is our second mantle.
The only time I move our wedding picture is during Christmas. 
I just love this portrait too much to change it up throughout the year. 

Most of the time this tub sits on the coffee table, although our kids have rearranged it a few times. When they can't seem to keep their hands off it, we hide it on the staircase until the next day. That's another perk to using picks - they easily go back into an arrangement your kids have taken apart.

Enjoy your own Fall decorating!