Gift Ideas based on the 5 Love Languages

I love watching the Sketch Comedy show "Studio C."
If you haven't already found their amazingness on YouTube, visit their channel. Not only are the funny, but their content is always family friendly. Love, love, love Studio C!

Inspired by one of their Christmas sketches about Santa Claus basing gifts on the 5 Love Languages, I thought I'd give it a go too. Hopefully, my list comes across more heartfelt than hilarious, but depending upon your gift recipient's love language, that's to be determined. Any links I share were ones I randomly found as I created the lists. All ideas are my own, no sponsored links. Enjoy!

As a reminder, Chapman's love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and Receiving Gifts. If you show love to others by speaking their preferred love language, you'll hit a deeper note in their hearts. You can even take a quiz to learn your own love language (and guess at theirs). And now for my list of gift ideas, based on your loved one's Love Language:

Words of Affirmation

1. Write a list of what you love about her
2. Send a letter to him at work, wishing him love and expressing appreciation
3. Gather letters from friends and family and compile them into a love journal for her
4. Leave Post-It notes in hiding places for him to find throughout the day
5. Print out the lyrics to your wedding song and frame it for her
6. Write him a list of the joys you hope to celebrate on your 50th anniversary
7. Mail her a thank-you note every week
8. Write his mother a letter about how much you adore him
9. Arrange a performance where you and the kids share how much she means to y'all
10. Write a journal of all the reasons you love him, and give the journal to him when it's full

Acts of Service

1. Surprise her with a totally cleaned house
2. Meet him for lunch with his favorite foods
3. Get her car detailed
4. Complete his least favorite chore around the house as a surprise
5. Schedule a trip to the garden center, and plant a flower bed with her.
6. Allow him to sleep in on the weekend
7. Create service coupons for her and finish your "honey-do" list
8. Clean and dust the garage for him
9. Buy a pack of diapers and promise to change all of them for her
10. Send him out for the fancy haircut that includes a massage and hot towel wrap

Quality Time

1. Secretly arrange for a babysitter and recreate your first date
2. Take a long drive over the weekend, turn off the radio, and talk about hopes and dreams
3. Sign up for cooking classes or dance classes together
4. Schedule a hot air balloon ride
5. Come home with his favorite movie and flavored popcorn
6. Create art together: watercolor, face paint, etc. (gift a paint set)
7. Lay on the trampoline and learn the constellations together (gift a telescope)
8. Buy a new book and take turns reading out loud together
9. Create a date night jar together. Each of you suggest fun dates
10. Buy a large bag of Skittles. Eat them until you both can tell which color you're eating with your eyes closed

Physical Touch

1. Gift a session with a massage therapist
2. Purchase some massage oil and give her a massage yourself
3. Buy a set of couple gloves and go for walks often
4. Buy a nice hairbrush, and brush her hair for her
5. Learn how to cut men's hair, and become his own stylist
6. Surprise her with a pedicure tub and give her pedicures
7. Gift a two person blanket - the Double Slanket!
8. Buy a Hug Shirt that lets you actually feel a hug from the other person when you wear the shirt. Great for long-distance or military couples.
9. Create the famous toy car map as a back-rub t-shirt, like this one on Etsy.
10. Learn reflexology and practice your skills with soothing touch

Receiving Gifts

Note: Just because their love language is gifts, any old, random gift won't do. They need to be heartfelt and specific to your loved one. Below are just some ideas:

1. Give a DVD of her favorite childhood cartoon
2. Make a photo book of your years through dating, marriage, kids, etc.
3. Think of something he frequently complains about - an old pillow, scratchy socks, dull tools - and replace them
4. Send her favorite flowers to her multiple times in the same day. For example, a rose in the car in the morning, an arrangement at her office, another vase of flowers that evening, and a rose on her pillow at bedtime
5. Buy him a duplicate of his favorite shirt that is wearing thin 
6. Buy the book to his favorite movie, or the movie about his favorite book
7. Add something to his hobby collection
8. Braid matching friendship bracelets for her
9. Find a piece of jewelry that matches an inside joke or a memory. Gift her the jewelry with a note about the memory it represents
10. Give him a subscription box that matches a dessert or hobby or facial hair preference

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas to everyone!
May your gifts be well-thought out and heartfelt, and may your recipients gift you loving presents too. Show your love to them in the way they need it most. "Put a little love in your heart!"

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