Hopes and Dreams Keep a Marriage Strong

Last weekend we loaded the kids in the car and went road tripping.
Someday we want to buy a few acres of beautiful Texas land, and we drove out to visit two potential plots of land. Johnny and I were pumped to go exploring, and the kids were happy to see horses on one of the properties. The funny part about this adventure to see land is that we don't even have enough money saved up to buy property yet. Actually buying land is a few years off into our future, but we couldn't resist visiting some land.

So why were we so excited to waste a Saturday morning and some gasoline for a goal that is years in the distance?
It fuels our hopes and dreams!

Think back to the days that you were dating your spouse. Do you remember laying on the couch talking about all the vacations you would someday take, all the hobbies you wanted to learn, and all the names you could give your kids? You probably learned a lot about each other as you discussed those hopes and dreams together.
Talking about those hopes and dreams strengthened your relationship then, and it will keep you close now.

As we drove through the beautiful Texas countryside, we talked about the magical piece of land we'll buy someday. We imagined the vegetable garden, Johnny's massive garage and workshop, my space for flower beds, the random cow walking around, and the design of a chicken coop. We talked about our dream house plans and the pond we would dig somewhere on the property for swimming.

Will we ever reach those goals? I hope so!
But the point is, we had a blast talking.
We know what is important to each other. We know what success means in each others' perspectives. We want to reach those goals together, and talking about a future together means we're not planning to fail. We're in this marriage for the long haul, and we are excited for our future together - dream house or not.

So make a date with your spouse, and keep it simple.
Just like when you were dating, open up and talk!
Discuss hopes and dreams and vacations and retirement and grandkids and hobbies and fears.
Relish that time together, and keep your connection strong.
And then repeat regularly.

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