Decorating with a Porch Wall

Pinterest and Front Door Decor.
Just like chocolate and marshmallow.
Or cheese and crackers.
They just go together!

Every house has a front door, but not every house has a door that is decorate-able. Our front door has a metal screen door, so hanging things on the outside is hard. For years I've hung wreaths on the actual wooden door, but they just get squished up against the screen when the door closes. Bummer. Pinterest also makes me a crave a front porch that can hold pumpkins or hay bales or miniature Christmas trees. But our porch is a small area just in front of the door. So again, my house and my decorating dreams struggle to co-exist. #PinterestProblems

Last month I imagined a solution - I needed a porch wall!
If I could utilize the giant brick wall adjacent to my front door, then I would have a decorating space! I could hang pictures and signs and finally have that seasonal decorating space I'd hoped for. I stained a large piece of lumber to match our front door, added 3 coats of spar varnish, and added the knobs. FYI: a trip to Hobby Lobby with a newborn, a 1 year old, and a 3 year old is rough, but I got my knobs. When it was finally finished I was so excited to show Johnny! I love showing off the things I create with his power tools. (Although he helped me drill into the brick to hang the board. I wasn't brave enough to try that.)

 Thus, I give you my "porch wall."

I love that I can finally show seasonal cuteness outside, and it's not smashed by the screen door.

These door tags were another project I cut out by myself, although Johnny helped me shape the final cut. I attached the vinyl wording and brushed on spar varnish. (I love this lettering font; it's called Mitre Square.) The wood was leftover thin plywood from our kitchen remodeling projects.

Remember when I was feeling crafty a few months ago?
Here's the pumpkin sign I created. I love the colors in my pumpkin!

Fall decorating stirs up feelings of gratitude in my heart. I'm glad I had this project finished in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Plus, how fun will it be to show more outdoor Christmas spirit next month? So fun! Yea!!

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