Ready for a Crafty Weekend Project

I'm in the mood for a weekend project!
Settling into a routine with our newborn has freed up some spare time, and I'm not completely exhausted every afternoon since the baby has a (slightly) better sleep schedule at nighttime. So, I'm ready to put all my nursing session Pinterest finds to good use! Outside our front door we have a large brick wall that's begging for some decor. We don't really have a front porch that I can decorate; our entrance is an odd shape. I think I can use that brick wall's space to hang seasonal decorations. I'd like to make a simple wooden plaque and attach some cute knobs. Something like the picture below but with cute Hobby Lobby knobs.
Then I plan on adding cute seasonal signs or wreaths or flower baskets or banners or whatever I create. I like the flexibility to change it as often as I like, plus it won't be hidden behind our screen door. I love decorating holiday wreaths for the front door, but as soon as the screen door closes the wreath is hidden. But, we love our screen door, so I can't really remove it just to showcase a wreath. . . 

Another bonus to hooks outside? I'm running out of space inside! With little children who would quickly grab and destroy any decorations within their reach, my decorating wall space is limited. Someday I'll be able to decorate tables and stack cute things on the floor, but it'll be a few more years.

Once I make my wooden plaque, I can start on my Pinterest list, starting with Fall decor of course!

What should I make first? Here are my ideas; tell me what you vote for in the comments.

Hopefully my creative energy continues through the weekend!

Update on November 13, 2016: I finished my project! Check out the results at this blog post. Enjoy!

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