Hosanna Easter Banner

This year, our kids are old enough to understand the story of Easter, Jesus Christ, and Resurrection. I'm excited to use some of the family friendly Easter tips found here too. I really wanted to incorporate the religious message of Easter into our decorations this year, so along with our bunnies, Easter eggs, and flowers, I was inspired by Aimee Ferre to make a Hosanna Banner.

Last Sunday we talked about palm leaves and sang a song with Hosannas. Since they understand the symbolism, they were happy to help me pick out palm leaves at Hobby Lobby. We bought a palm bush frond, and I cut each leaf off the bush, bent each stem, and taped on each letter. For a neat trick on cutting letters with your Silhouette machine, see this blog post.

I loved Aimee's use of ribbon for her mantle, so I cut strips out of some scrap green fabric. I tied a bow in the center of the mantel (it only took me three tries!) and hung the palm leaves. 

My daughter loved the lamb, so we had to buy two.
She carries one around the house, and the second lamb sits on the mantle.

For a cute Easter bunny mantle idea, see this post.
Happy Easter everyone!!

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