Items for a New Mommy

When you imagine coming home with your new bundle of joy, you probably think about swaddling blankets and stuffed animals and tiny outfits. You probably have a supply of diapers, wipes, and baby lotions as well.
Just remember, as a new mom, you'll need some items for a smooth recovery too.

As I prepare for baby #3, here are the items I will have waiting in the bathroom cupboard. The hospital I delivered at in the past sent me home with some of these items, but I usually needed more than the one sample. 
Having these items on hand is convenient and makes for a more pleasant recovery. 
(Just a note, I have never had a C-section, so this list is for new mommas who deliver via pushing. . . )
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1. Dermoplast
You'll use this to ease the pain "down under" from swelling and stitches.

2. Tucks Medicated Pads
Also for use "down under" to help reduce pain from swelling and stitches. 
Their cooling effect is very comforting, and they help clean as well.

3. Stool Softener
After pushing your newborn into the world, you don't want to "push" hard for anything else. My doctor writes a prescription for stool softeners at the hospital, but I don't think you have to use hard-core prescription strength softeners. Pick a brand from the store, and have it waiting at home.

4. Squirt bottle
Keep the squirt bottle the hospital gives you!!! 
Fill it with warm water, and squirt yourself off after you use the restroom. You won't be able to wipe normally until the stitches and swelling heal. The squirt bottle will be your best friend at home.

5. Lots of pads
Whatever brand you choose, stock up. You'll continue bleeding for a couple weeks or so after delivery. 

6. "Grandma" Panties

Because you'll continue to bleed for a few days (as mentioned in #5), the hospital will send you home with some massively large mesh panties. But the mesh wears out quickly. So buy a package of grandma panties
to hold those pads in place. 

I hope you find this list helpful!
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