Book Review: Bucket of Awesome

Can I start by saying how much I love reading books from Familius publishing? Every book I've read and reviewed for their company has been fantastic, and I love their motto of "Helping Families Be Happy." Therefore, I'm excited to introduce another fantastic book from Familius - Bucket of Awesome. Written by Kathryn Thompson, the author of Drops of Awesome, this new book hopes to inspire autobiographies with more heart and flare.

Explained by Thompson, "Bucket of Awesome is a processing and writing guidebook to help put your life into joyful and hopeful focus. Working through its pages, you will learn and remember all the things that have made your life so remarkable and you will come to tell your story from a place of joy and optimism."

In my counseling practice, I often teach the skill of re-framing, which means I help clients look at other perspectives of a story. Re-telling a story from a new perspective, whether that be a more compassionate tone or a warrior persona, can break the bonds of depression and fear. Bucket of Awesome encourages the writer to record stories with that positive eye.

Your life is amazing - You are amazing - You have amazing stories to tell!

In the past, when I've studied my genealogy, I've gotten sooo excited just seeing an ancestor's handwriting. Reading their written letters (even when it's about a water well being dug on the property) is super cool. Just knowing their occupation brings joy to my heart. Imagine how your grandchildren will feel someday reading your life story. Due to technology, your descendants will have more than a simple occupation: they'll have stories, pictures, and social media posts. You can leave them all kinds of stories, helped along by Bucket of Awesome.

As I answered the question prompts throughout the book, I learned that I love cheesecake (probably too much for my own health!) and that it was always important to me to feel at home. Whether I was working in another state or away at college, I made my apartment a home. Home means more than four walls; home is a place where love dwells. As my children get older, home-making has become even more fun. Decorating for holidays spread cheer. Singing songs in the car sound better. Coloring pictures has more purpose. And yes, I find myself becoming more and more like my amazing mother. As I write down the moments that made me feel loved as a child, I am reminded to provide similar moments for my own kiddos. For example, I was sooo excited the night that my mom let me stay up late to watch "Bonanza" with her on the television. It was a secret from my brother, and I felt so special. Now, I am reminded to spend special one-on-one snuggles with my kids too.

My life may be simple 90% of the time, but it can be awesomely simple. Daily moments of joy make my world brighter. Remembering little things about my first job and my first car inspire more gratitude for the blessings I enjoy today. Remembering the smells of holidays motivates me to "bring the holidays home" for my kiddos. Bucket of Awesome makes it simple to record memories that would be otherwise stored away on the dusty shelf; instead, those memories tie into a grand story. I'm so grateful that this book encourages (or forces!) me to journal. Remembering the good, and re-framing the frustrations into learning experiences, helps me see how awesome life truly can be.

Find Drops of Awesome on Familius Publishing's website. Click the link to learn more! I was lucky enough to review this book with my own free copy, but this review is my own opinion and was not influenced in any way by the author or publisher.


Kathryn Thompson
“Kathryn Thompson is a freelance writer and blogger living outside Seattle with her computer genius husband and three frequently delightful children. She believes that the world would be a drastically better place if everyone understood how Awesome they were.” -Familius Publishing