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Now that my oldest kiddo is in Kindergarten, we are reading lots and lots of books!
His little brain seems to be booming with new knowledge, and I love seeing him soak up new words like a sponge. Luckily, we have a growing book collection to keep him interested in reading. We inherited books from cousins, and we add to our kid collection frequently. Books for Christmas! Books for birthdays! Books for holidays! Books just because they were on sale! I am so happy that Simon loves to read, and his little sisters follow his example. They all love books.

A few months ago I met Ruth, a Usborne book representative. Simon was playing with her book display at a fundraiser extravaganza and fell in love with a dinosaur sticker book. (Obviously, that book came home with us.) And now, I'm happy to announce that Ruth is sponsoring my next giveaway!! Woo-hoo!

Ruth is also contributing on the blog, and over the next four posts, she'll describe all the fun ways that Usborne books can enrich your family. These amazing books are not only educational and fun, but they are quality-made inexpensive items. Durable books that don't cost a fortune? A parent's dream come true, right?
Keep reading Ruth's helpful tips below and enter the Rafflecopter to win free books!


Without a doubt, Usborne Publishing is best known for Books for the Brain! So much time and research goes into ensuring that our books are engaging and informative and help kids love to learn.
Tip: If you have a reluctant reader, try giving them non-fiction. It can change his or her whole attitude towards reading, improve their reading abilities, and fuel their curiosity. I was amazed to see how they affected my daughter. At 6 years old, she started reading Usborne's Beginners series and loved them so much she declared that they were better than fairy tales! What did I do? I bought her more, and she devoured all of them!

My daughter's next obsession were our flap books! Flap books involve children in the reading experience and encourage participation.  Lifting flaps also develops fine motor skills, prediction, and encourages the use of language. Watch this short video to determine which flap books are best your kiddos.

Books for all age groups! These three books would fascinate my 2yr old, my 4yr old, and my 5 yr old.

Shine-A-Light books are some of Usborne Books & More’s best sellers. No wonder! Use a flashlight to reveal hidden pictures, and your kiddos are hooked!  Would you like to see how these gems work? Check out this short video to learn more.

We love our Shine-A-Light book about airplanes!

There are so many other amazing book categories to help your children love reading and learning.
Animal lovers. . .
Future astronauts. . . 
Little chefs. . .
For a great over view of the other types of non-fiction books that Usborne Books & More carries, checkout this video. Which of these books would rock your kiddos’ world?


Can't wait for the results of the giveaway to enrich your family with amazing books?
Books can be purchased via the following link:

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep following along, as this is Part One of a four part series. Ruth will teach us more about the benefits of reading in each post. Did you enter the giveaway? Good luck. and tell your friends!

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