100th Day of School T-Shirt Ideas

The 100th Day of School!!!!
We made it this far, and we're so much closer to summertime!
Our Simon has been counting the days this week until the 100th day of kindergarten, and I was excited to help him make his very first 100th Day of School t-shirt. I remember gluing pennies onto a shirt when I was in elementary school - which I loved, except for the heavy weight of the shirt afterwards. So, Simon and I came up with another idea that used weightless permanent fabric markers.

We dubbed it the "Dot Rod" shirt since we used 100 dots to trace a Hot Rod. (Car loving genes run thick in this family!) Our first step was to print out a hot rod picture with a sideways profile. Then we taped the car cut-out to his shirt.

 I really wanted to let him do the dots on his own, but he kept meandering away from the car. . . so I held the fabric marker with him while he colored the dots. I was so proud of him! He counted all the way to 100 with only a couple mistakes. My smart, little Kindergartner!


After the outline was traced, Dad helped him trace the wheels. Then Simon drew on the flames and racing stripes. Instead of writing "Hot Wheels" onto the shirt, I added "School" to better match the 100th Day of School theme. Finally, Dad added the checkered flag and his name to make it an official racing "dot rod."

T-Shirt success!

In honor of this wonderful school celebration, I'll include some of my favorite t-shirt ideas from across the web. If you have another favorite idea for 100th Day of School T-shirts, leave me a comment and tell me all about it! Enjoy!

My son sang this Pete the Cat song for days! What a super cute idea from Pinterest.

Kids could easily make this tally shirt from Really Quite Lucky

Use Puff Paint to make this cute Pin from Pinterest.

skittle tie
I love the tie idea, which could use Skittles, Poms, or beads. From South Short Mamas

Use stickers to display your kiddo's favorite sport! Easy idea (plus more!) from Live Craft Love.

More ideas? Let me know in the comments.

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