Goals and Money Saving Tips for the New Year

One year over, and a new year just beginning. Hello 2017!

With the start of a new year, people think about goals and fresh starts. I don't have new goals per se, but I do want to complete leftover goals from last year. Life is a work in progress, and I hope I am continually improving as I go. Since January has finally arrived, I can nudge myself to lose the last remaining pounds of baby weight and stop eating so much holiday food (once my stocking candy is finally eaten and gone. . .) I'm also excited to get back to the gym now that my baby is old enough for childcare programs while I exercise at the gym. 

Weight goals are super common in January, but don't forget about financial goals too! Last month, I was introduced to the company Earnest, and they got me thinking about financial saving and security. Their company mission is to not only save money but to also teach the importance of knowing where your money is, how you spend it, and what your debt looks like. Adults old and young can benefit from a financial check-up to make sure you're on a sustainable path. Plus, if you are a recent graduate, take comfort in knowing that you can refinance student loans with Earnest and save over $20k!

I personalized my Money Saving Challenge plan with Earnest, which I'll share below.
I often tell my clients to tape their goal chart to a mirror or dresser, somewhere highly visible. Frequently seeing your goals helps channel your thoughts in that direction, making it easier to change unwanted habits. This first quarter, my goal is to keep healthy snacks in my purse and on my kitchen counter. The more I eat healthy, the more my body will crave healthy, right? These last 10 pounds of baby weight have gotta go! The same principle applies to financial goals. Once saving money becomes a habit, it's easier to save. Learning to curb spending desires is similar to curbing junk food cravings - it takes time and effort. You can even tape a picture of the "treat" you are saving for to your own mirror. 

What goals would be on your three month list?
What actions can you take to form healthier financial habits?
Let me know in the comment section. Good luck!

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