Funny and Random Gift Guide 2016

Earlier this week I had the freedom to wander and shop for two amazing hours. Thank you to my fantastic husband for keeping all four kids at home! And thank you Kohls for being open until midnight during the holiday season! I picked out Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and some white elephant gifts too. Speaking of white elephant gifts, there are some totally random gifts out there. So, I had the idea to create a funny gift guide and show you what kinds of randomness you can buy online! Bytheway, these are not sponsored posts, just my own sharing.

1. Check out the "Pony Up Daddy" saddle toy.
Pony rides have never been easier for kids or parents. This toy is super cute!

2. If a pretend pony ride isn't enough for your kids, or if your back can't handle the ride, check out this ride-on elephant! U-Free creates ride-on toys that actually move like animals, meaning you feel like you are actually riding a horse, a zebra, a reindeer, or even an elephant!

3. Kids love Smencils! These scented pencils are sure to brighten up your stocking stuffing supply. My son has the candy cane scented one, and he cherishes it. They have pencil scents for the entire year as well if you are looking beyond the holiday.

4. And while you're thinking about pencils, here's another random gift - a nose shaped pencil sharpener! Pick yourself a winning booger, I mean present.

5. Continuing the random nose-y train of thought, here's another random gift found on Etsy. If you're the type of driver that picks and flicks, then this Beware of Flying Boogers sign is for you. Attach it to your car, and consider the world warned.

6. If scents impress you, then you must love good eats. And if you love food, then your kids need their very own Taco Truck Playhouse. #raiseemright #seriously 

7. If you need a quirky gift for your spouse, look at this awesome Etsy shop. She has so many cute couple pillows - like this Superman and Wonderwoman set. There are pillowcases for couples that like fishing, music, pets, and more.

8. Here's another gift for the lucky online couple that made it past the first date. Tinder for the win! Celebrate your swipe right success with this cute mug from Andreas Emporium.

9. As I typed this list, my two year old was crying about wanting yogurt, not even 10 seconds after she claimed she was full and put her breakfast bowl in the sink. A quick Google seaarch lead me to a random book all parents can relate to: the Reasons My Kid is Crying book. Yep - there is actually a book filled with pictures of the funny reasons kid well up in tears.

10. Finally, fry gloves. Best white elephant present this year. You need some.

That's the end of this year's funny and random gift list. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy white elephant parties! These ideas are way cooler than the candle, that nobody wants, as seen on SNL's Christmas Candle skit. Although, maybe that peach candle will be famous enough next year to make the list!