Time for Gratitude 2016

It's that time of year when we reflect on the things we're grateful to have. There is beauty all around us, and making a gratitude list helps me realize all the countless ways I have been very blessed. My wise cousin, Cambri, also wrote on her blog about keeping a "beauty book." For people that fight against anxiety, simply focusing on the present beauties around you can be more helpful than listing out blessings. Whichever method works to lift your spirits, I hope you have time this Thanksgiving season to refresh your soul (and your tummies!)

1. My patient and devoted husband. I really can't brag about him enough, and I'm very lucky.
2. My kids' hugs and smiles and kisses and drawings and the flowers they pick from the yard for me.
3. Air conditioning and indoor heating.
4. Indoor plumbing.
5. Basically all the home conveniences we have in the 21st century!
6. A genealogy line that kept journals. I love reading about their joys and struggles. I love finding pictures of their families and even their homes from centuries ago. There's a sense of pride and comfort in feeling connected to ages past.
7. Knowing that there is a God in Heaven, and He loves us. And His son, Jesus Christ, made it possible for us to find an eternal happiness and live in Heaven again someday. My soul rejoices.
8. Friends that love me (on my no-makeup days, on my hyper days, on my quiet days, on my supermom days, and my lazy days).
9. A very patient mother and father. Thanks Mom and Dad.
10. Soft beds and pillows. Nap time is awesome.
Bonus: homemade pumpkin pie!!

What are you thankful for? And how do you refresh your spirit?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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