Gifts for Hyper Kids

With four kids ages 5 and under, we know about the wiggles.
Kids wiggle and squirm and poke and play - which is great if the family is chilling at home, but not so great in quiet places like church, the doctor's office, or assemblies. Sometimes a little extra quiet time at home can be appreciated too! So, if you need gift ideas for hyper kids that keep their hands busy (and off each other) I have two suggestions for you from UnCommonGoods: one for home and one for outings.

For wiggly kids at home, check out this amazing homemade butter churner. Simply churning your own butter in less than 20 minutes is cool enough, but this device works with hyper kids too! Our three oldest kids kept taking turns churning the butter because they loved it so much. We had to supervise the 2 year old closely so she didn't tip the jar over, but the older kids could use it just fine. Plus, they get wiggles out cranking the gears! The churner is well made, with sturdy handles and seals. The device is super easy to clean and fits nicely in the cupboard for storage.
On our first attempt to make butter, we tried standard whipping cream, which sadly turned into whipped cream. Fail. But we were successful on the second try using heavy whipping cream. How delicious! Our homemade butter tasted exactly like our store-bought butter, but with the self-pride of having done it ourselves. I hope to make butter churning a regular activity to get the wiggles out for our kiddos. The butter churner also comes with recipes for flavored butters. Yum!

For wiggly kids out and about, UnCommonGoods also sells Thinking Putty. My older brother introduced me to Thinking Putty this summer. This special putty is perfect for fidgety kid hands (and adult hands). You can squish it, tear it, mold it, do practically anything with it, and then put it back into the carton when you're done. It'll melt back into putty. Our kids have played with Thinking Putty during church the last two weeks, and it has been so helpful in maintaining quiet reverence. Instead of getting bored and poking each other, the kids can tear and poke the putty! One carton was enough to keep the hands of three hyper kids busy, plus it is clearly colored so I didn't have to worry about stains on clothes or furniture. This amazing putty doesn't lose its stick, and it doesn't leave goo all over your hands. I don't have to worry about the kids touching me and gooing me up after play time. It's a perfect gift for hyper kids and their parents.

If you haven't browsed their website before, it's definitely worth your time. UnCommonGoods picks their merchandise from skilled and creative artisans, with a flair for innovative and sustainable products. You can view their Christmas gift guide here and choose the perfect artisan gift for your loved one. They even have categories to help you narrow your search, such as unique learning toys for kids and customizable baby items. There are so many cute items to choose from!

Depending on the activity and wiggly level of your kids, you're bound to find something amazing from UnCommonGoods. Plus, by supporting small business artisans, you're ensuring a future for quality and creative items, many of which are made here in the USA. Go you! Not only does UnCommonGoods support artisans, but they donate to multiple charities, including Reach Out & Read. You can feel confident that your gifts help spread cheer around the world.

Disclaimer: I received my choice of items from UnCommonGoods at no cost in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own and were not influenced by the company.

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