Family Pictures 2016

Growing up, my family always crammed onto the photo table at WalMart or JCPenney for family pictures. It was an odd balance game of trying to get everyone into the picture without knocking the little kids off the table. Plus, my siblings and I probably had arguments about which cool background to display in the photo. If I remember correctly, I usually wanted the scenic fake tree photo and my brothers liked the patterned background.

Luckily, most photographers do outdoor photos now, which is great for families. (And I get my tree backgrounds with actual, real-live trees!) There is room for families to spread out and natural lighting. I love photography's shift away from studio work. To celebrate becoming a family of six, we drove up to North Austin to take some outdoor photos with my talented friend, Victoria. A couple months ago, she held a contest to win a photo-shoot, and we were the lucky winners! Find Victoria on Facebook here or visit the official website for Victoria Anne Photography here.

This was our favorite photo - as Victoria said, "This sums up your life right now." When you have four kids ages five and under, there is a healthy amount of crying, boogers, and not-listening. But even in our crazy moments, Johnny and I love our kiddos. After the tantrums come the hugs, and after the screams come the "I love you Moms." And then everything feels okay again.

The kids got suckers as a reward for their good behavior during the photos.
They were patient as long as they could be for their ages. 

That rock was our attempt to get Ruby to smile at the camera.

Happy family photo season! Christmas cards are right around the corner!