A Day in the Life of Your Kids Photobook

A long time ago, I saw a cute idea on Pinterest about photo-journaling a day in the life of your kids. Over the summer, I decided that I would make a book for Simon before he started Kindergarten. I wanted to give him a way to remember himself at this fun age. At the time I was pregnant, so I wanted to celebrate the "day of Simon" before the baby was born. A few weeks ago, I committed to spending the whole day snapping photos of every Simon. Teeth brushing, scavenger hunts, naps, paddle boarding - I got it all.

I hope he enjoys this small book dedicated to his five year old self when he grows up. He's such a sweet, smart boy who loves his family. I hope he always keeps his curious spirit, and that he continues to love his sisters. Below are some of pictures of my photo book created through Shutterfly. I love Shutterfly! Their website makes designing photo gifts and prints easy. I've used Shutterfly for years.

On the website, you upload the photos you'd like in the book. You can use pre-designed formats or create your own designs. You can add pictures, text, stickers, and change the colors for the backgrounds.

Make your own photo book at Shutterfly, and preserve those family memories. Click the link below to get started, and possibly earn yourself a free photo book by sharing the link with your friends!

Note: I am an affiliate for Shutterfly, so I may receive some compensation if you make a purchase through my link.

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