Garage Time with Daddy

If Dad is in the garage, kids will be in the garage.
Our kids love spending time out there with their Dad, and he loves it when they show an interest in building and creating. Awhile ago, he decided they each needed their own toolbox, so one night while I was working, they helped build their own toolboxes.

Then, he made it super fun by letting them paint! I think that was their favorite part.

When I noticed his bench was tagged, I asked him why he painted the "Daddy." He responded that he wanted to paint too, and so he marked his bench with his name. I don't think the word "Daddy" has ever been so sweet and dear to my heart. Each time I see it, I smile. I love that I married a man who enjoys being a daddy.

Isn't that was parenting is all about?
Enjoying these precious moments with our kids.

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