5 Issues to Discuss in Pre-Marital Counseling

I often joke that I didn't put much stock in pre-marital counseling until I became a licensed counselor that works with couples and families. Many times, the issue a couple struggles with in their marriage has been around since their dating days. I have often wondered what would be different if they had overcome those challenges though pre-marital counseling before the wedding day.

Asma Rehman wrote a great article on FamilyShare discussing the importance of pre-marital counseling - and the typical issues to discuss in more detail before the wedding. 

"Planning your wedding is stressful enough, but it's a piece of buttercream-frosted cake compared to the day-to-day reality of actual marriage. Indeed, so often couples get caught up with everything involved in prepping for their Big Day and romanticizing the concept of marriage that they forget to (or don't realize that they should) address all of the less-romantic issues that will inevitably arise when two people commit to sharing their lives together. Premarital counseling is an excellent way to confront these issues upfront and establish a stronger, healthier relationship moving into matrimony."

Hop on over and read the rest of her article here, and enjoy!

Her tips are also fantastic points for married couples to discuss. Knowing more about each others' needs, wants, and goals can bring a couple closer together. If disparities are present, then each spouse has the opportunity to serve and learn compassion for the other.