Babies, Big Kids, and Bunk Beds

The next couple of months will spell big changes at our household. If we get it all done before the baby is born, then we'll have remodeled the kitchen, remodeled the living room, moved Simon upstairs, successfully combined Grace and Ruby into their big girl room, and gone on a couple family vacations. Phew! Apart from the remodeling work, I've realized this week how quickly my kids are growing up - and it's all happening too fast!

I thought I was ready for them to grow up, but I'm not.
After we decided to make our loft space into a bedroom for Simon, I was on board. I ordered the bunk beds and new bedding for the (soon-to-be) girl's room. I planned how I would decorate it out of a boy/girl room to a cutesy girly room. I imagined how the loft would look as Simon's room and a playroom. We got the contractor hired to fix the staircase railings so the children could actually play upstairs safely. I prepped Simon on the fact that he would soon move upstairs, and he eventually came around to the idea.

I waited anxiously for the bunk beds to arrive, but when the box came, I was hesitant to open it. "Maybe we'll wait until next week," I told myself. But the kids were so excited to setup their bunk beds! Simon started lugging blankets upstairs into his "new" room, Grace started asking where Ruby's new bedding for her bunk was located, and all of a sudden my kids were growing up! They were ready for the change, and I found myself carrying Simon's favorite blankets and toys upstairs with a heavy heart. My baby boy was a big boy.

When Johnny got home from work, the kids couldn't wait for him to assemble the bunk beds and get the room transfers started. There was a quiet moment upstairs where I sat with Johnny on the guest bed (now Simon's bed) and I started to cry. Johnny was a bit puzzled by my emotion, since I had been excited for this day to come. "It's all happening so fast," I said. "We enrolled him in kindergarten, he's moving upstairs, I can't peek on him and watch him sleep as easily, I'm just emotional." Johnny gave me a hug.

The bunk beds were assembled, and when bedtime finally rolled around, Grace was asleep in her new top bunk, and Simon was snuggled into his upstairs bed. They were happy and excited and heading off to new dreamland adventures.

I think I'll keep Ruby in her crib for a little bit longer, only because I'm not ready to move her into the bottom bunk bed. Maybe I just need a couple more weeks to prepare for her transition.

Mommyhood is a roller coaster of emotions, especially when you're pregnant. But I wouldn't trade it for the world! As we come around the corner to Mother's Day, I have a new appreciation for time. Time flies, but I can make those moments count. I want my kids to know that they are loved. I want them to know that they are important. I am so excited to see the fantastic adults they will grow into, but for now, I'll cherish the snuggles and cuddles because they grow up too fast.

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