Hot Chocolate Rorschach Test

When it's cold outside, I love to make hot chocolate.

Yesterday, while I was sipping away, I noticed the chocolate strands making images in my cup. As I swirled the cup around, the pictures changed. I couldn't help but think about the famous Rorschach inkblot test! Rumor has it that the famous test, developed by Hermann Rorschach, stemmed from use of the childhood game "Blotto." This childhood game used inkblots to encourage children to make word associations or play charades. While working as a psychiatrist, Hermann Rorschach discovered that schizophrenic patients often responded to the Blotto game differently than more normal patients. He developed his ink blot test, and it has been used for decades by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists as a projective measure of personality assessment.

While a cup of hot chocolate is definitely not a standardized psychological test, it does make for a fun game to see what's on your mind. In my hot chocolate yesterday morning, I saw lots of sleeping people - probably because I was exhausted! Apparently sleep was on my mind, and I saw it everywhere. Today I took pictures of my hot chocolate mug, so let's discover what kind of pictures we see!

How to play the Hot Chocolate Rorschach Test:

Look at each picture below.
Notice what image first pops into your mind.
After quickly looking through each picture, go back to picture #1.
Do you still that first image? What swirls or bubbles form the image?
Continue processing through each picture.

Then, the fun part - what themes did you notice? What's on your mind today?

So what were your results?
Please tell me in the comments!

My results:
In order of pictures, I saw Tower Bridge, The United States, a hurricane, a girl, a girl being hit by a ball, and a brain.
My thoughts? I have watched too much TV lately. We watched a documentary about London's famous Tower Bridge and then the State of the Union address. Then, I guess I the girl pictures are because I played ball with my son this morning. I imagine seeing the brain comes from preparing this blog post about a psychological test.

I hope you enjoyed my funny, little game.

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