5 Signs that Your Child Loves You

Every Mom faces "one of those days."
The kids are running crazy, your stress level is high, and the yelling Mom voice has threatened so much in the last 30 minutes it's not even effective anymore. Yep. Those horrible days are only made better by Dominos pizza and time out of the house once your husband gets home. But when the kids are asleep and the house is restored to cleanliness and order, it's important to reflect back on the good moments throughout the day. Your children really do love you, and they show signs of affection throughout the day.

If you are want to know if your child loves you, here are 5 sign to look for:

1. Gifts
Yesterday my son picked a dandelion out of the yard for me. He knows yellow is my favorite color, and he knows I like sunflowers. He said, "Mom, it's a sunflower for you!" This small gesture shows me that he listens when I talk. Also, the answers I give him during his rounds of questions are important. He really wants to know my favorite things.
Pay attention to the gifts your child might give to you: a picture drawn specially for you, a colorful leaf, a sticker of your favorite color, or turning up the radio when "your song" comes on. Your child's age will determine their gift giving ability, but recognize these gifts as displays of love.

2. Acts of Service
Does your child offer to bring you a tissue when your nose is stuffy? Does an older child help you find the baby's pacifier without being asked? It can be easy to dwell on the moments when our kids did not follow directions, but the more we praise our children for their altruistic choices, the more they will spontaneously act kindly. Whether their service comes in the form of completing chores without whining, helping a sibling, bringing in groceries, or cleaning up their own spills, let them know you appreciate their service. Tell them their good deeds help you feel loved. Then watch for a big smile to appear on their faces.

3. Time
Sometimes children show love by offering you their time. Our oldest daughter loves to visit the tool store with my husband. He is elated that she shares an interest in tools, but he knows it's mainly because she loves him. Showing an interest in your hobbies, and offering to spend time with you is another way kids show love to parents. Does your son want to sit with you on the lawnmower? Does your daughter want an apron and a bowl to play with during meal preparation? Your child is showing you they want to be with you, doing what you do, because they love you. Sure, sometimes life is busy and their "help" is not very helpful. On those busy days, remember to relax later with your child. Talk about what activities you can do together next time. Make time together a habit when they are young, because once they are teenagers, you'll want time with them. Dieter Uchtdorf said "l-o-v-e is really spelled t-i-m-e." Their gift of time is an act of love.

4. Words
This sign seems rather obvious. When your child says, "I'll always love you Mommy," it's easy to feel loved. I mention "words" as a sign because it's important that you reciprocate feelings in order to keep hearing those lovely words.  If your child's statements of love are consistently responded to with "uh-huh. I know. Thanks" or silence, then the child learns their loving words are not important. Eventually kids will stop using affectionate words. Parents need to reciprocate. Tell your children you appreciate their compliments. Let them know how you feel when they offer kind words. If by chance, it's one of those horrible days and their loving words seem manipulative, tell them that their actions are not backing up those words. Teach them how words and actions are connected.

5. Touch
In my experience, little girls love to cuddle. My daughters will snuggle with me or my husband happily. But if I get a hug from my son, it's a game changer. I love those rare hugs from him! I hug him back and tell him how much I appreciate his hugs. Each child is different regarding touch as a sign of love, so you'll have to simply know your kid. Some children offer high fives for love; some kids cuddle; some kids climb into your bed each morning; some kids can't sleep without a goodnight kiss. Allow your children to offer you a loving gestures of touch. Physical contact is an important part of human development.

There you have it, 5 simple signs to watch out for during the day. Your children will show you they love you, and it's important that you catch those moments and offer gratitude. Bring on the love!

How do your children show you love?

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