I saw a friend use that word awhile back, and I liked it. To me, it implies that you do something important to earn the title of Mommy. The loving title of "Mommy" means something special. Just because you give birth doesn't mean you automatically get that label. Being a Mommy means you've worked hard to show love and give love. Being a Mommy means you have a loving relationship with your children, and they love you back. Being a Mommy is special.

Last night, after the baby went to bed, my husband and I got the older kids into their pajamas as well. While Johnny helped our daughter brush her teeth, I jumped into bed with my 4yr old. I cuddled up close and started telling some silly tale about Lightning McQueen driving around a mountain. It was silly, but my son loved the story. Then, I took him into the bathroom to brush his teeth. When we returned to the kids' bedroom, we found Johnny reading a storybook to Grace. Simon crawled onto the bed and listened to the story, while I laid next to them. I love hearing my husband read to our kids! (He uses the cool voices.) Finally, it came time to goodnight scripture stories, prayers, and goodnight kisses. Each one of us felt happy and peaceful. What a joyful moment. Simple and sweet.

As I walked out of their room, I felt so grateful to be their mommy. Sure there are times when everyone is in time-out, and I feel overwhelmed. But I choose to relish in those sweet moments where each kid is calm, happy, and cuddly. My kids do amazing things every day, and I hope I pay attention to them enough. I hope I express gratitude regularly when they share with each other. I hope I listen attentively when they describe their frustrations. I sincerely try to compliment them when they make good choices and show love to each other.

I saw a quote on Instagram the other day:
"Happy people choose to focus on the things they love about their life."

Isn't that quote spot on?
Mommying - the act of being a Mom takes work, and the rewards come through feelings of joy and unseen blessings, but it is rewarding. Truly, motherhood is one of the greatest things a woman can experience. Fatherhood, too, for the guys.

So hug your kids close today, no matter how old they are, because time goes quickly, and soon your homes will be quiet. Make time for crafts and glitter and cookies and playgrounds and stories. Make time for pretend Band-Aids and monster hunts and silly noises and loud giggles. Teach them about kindness and charity by your own example. Show them how to share and care by your own actions. Raise a happy generation of big-hearted, smart, competent kiddos. Because that's what Moms do. #ThisIsMommying

(Here's our silly selfie because he squirms too much!)

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