Ozeri Scale Review

Do you make New Year's resolutions?
I think about general goals to work on, but I haven't written a list out in years. One of the most popular goals set during a new year is weight management, and I usually have that as a goal too. I want to be healthy and maintain a good weight. Luckily, Ozeri allowed me the opportunity to review one of their digital scales - what perfect timing!

The Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale is sleek and modern looking. The tempered glass comes in white or black. The scale accurately measures up to 400 lbs, and you can easily switch between pounds and kilograms.

My husband and I appreciated that no "tapping" is required. You can simply step onto the scale. (Why do so many other scales make you tap it first?) The Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale also lays very close to the ground, so it's not a bulky, loud contraption. We have an older scale in our hallway bathroom that shakes a bit, moves clunky, and is always carried off by our kids. I love that the new Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale sits inconspicuously to our children. The sleek look blends well in our tiled bathroom, even though the white actually looks slightly green. When you decide where you want to place it, make sure the four sensors sit evenly on the ground. This will help the scale. Ours found a nice home balanced on the tiles in our master bathroom.

Our older scale struggles to tell an accurate weight, because if you move around on the scale the number moves. However, the new Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale is accurate! How did I test this? Well, the kids had their well-check visits at the pediatrician last week, where they were weighed. So, at home, I put Grace on both scales to see which scale got closest to the doctor's office scale. Bingo - the new Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale came closest. My husband and I noticed our weights do change throughout the day due to meals and the heaviness of our clothing, so that tells me that the new Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale is accurately measuring us.

If you are also setting a goal to better manage your weight in 2016, check out this scale! For a low price, you'll have a great helper to reach your weight management goals in the new year and for years to come.
You can find the Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale on Amazon.

I received this scale at no cost to me, in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.