Last Minute Christmas Stockings

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care . . ."
and accidentally left there.

I thought we loaded everything into the car when we left on our Christmas road trip to Kansas. I packed all the essentials - socks, underwear, pajamas, warm clothes, gloves, and hats. However, we left some important things behind. All our Christmas stockings! (And one little present that we'll mail to Grandpa later.) I couldn't believe we left all the stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle, plus all the Santa stocking treats that were hidden under our bed.

Luckily, our children are very young, so they weren't too sad about their missing stockings. Once we got to Grandpa's house in Kansas, we came up with another plan - paper stockings! Before bedtime on Christmas Eve, the kids colored new paper Christmas stockings, and we taped them to the wall near the glowing Christmas tree. Since Grandpa doesn't have a fireplace, we also colored a key and taped it outside the door. This magical key would let Santa come inside. Inspired by all the festive coloring, Simon even drew a Santa picture to hang by the stockings. Sweet kid.

Happily the children went to bed, and Santa came during the night to fill their stockings and drop off presents. (Luckily, he remembered to pack those in his sleigh!) Christmas morning was full of smiles and cheer. Thank you crayons and paper stockings. You saved the day!

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