Christmas Wonders - Book Review

When I do have time to sit down and enjoy a book, I love reading books from the company Familus. If you haven't heard of their fantastic publishing company, check them out. Their books are always geared towards helping families find joy and fulfillment.

Growing up, my family had one of those daily Christmas story books, which helps count down to December 25th. Although those were short stories to be told before bedtime, I still love reading Christmas themed books. Recently, I was sent a copy of the book Christmas Wonders, by Robyn Buttars, in exchange for my blog review. I was so excited!

Christmas Wonders. . . 

Isn't the name of the book enchanting? 

Robyn Buttars wrote a wonderful story about a boy named Luke, who moves to a new town with his father. His father is a morose and quiet man, so Luke doesn't have much of a relationship with him. As he overcomes his loneliness and makes friends in the new town, he keeps hearing the words "Christmas Wonder." Luckily, the compassionate adults that befriend him also teach him about the true meanings behind the Christmas season - hope, joy, gratitude, love, and the Christ child. As he learns about gratitude and love, he stumbles across his mother's old Nativity which had been long packed away in a forgotten box. With that discovery, Luke sets out to discover his own Christmas Wonder, and his journey leads to healing and love for the entire town, including his father.

I can't spoil anymore of the book, so I'll have to stop my description there!
Christmas Wonders is a sweet, sweet story. I read the entire book during my kids' nap time, so it would be a perfect addition to your family's bookcase.  For older children, you could a chapter each day until the story is finished. Luke is an easy character to bond with, as Robyn Buttars is an excellent author, and her words are heartfelt. For being a Christmas story, it's also not cheesy. It is well-written. Multiple characters learn and grow throughout the book, and I found myself learning from their actions. Robyn Buttars also included sheet music for her original song "Christmas Wonders" in the back of the book. Perfect, right?

You can find Christmas Wonders for sale on Deseret Book and Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Robyn Buttars is an award-winning author of books for children and adults. Her first novella, Christmas Rose, won first place in the League of Utah Writer's Contest and was a holiday bestseller. Her home is Lewiston, Utah, and she and her husband, Kent, are the parents of six children.She is a registered nurse and enjoys traveling, composing,and reading.