Ozeri's Green Earth Frying Pans, a Happy Review

There comes a point in every marriage where it's time for something new.
New stuff that is!

When we got married, everything we owned was a hand-me-down from friends or family. Our bed, our couches, our pans, our bowls, our tables, etc. Having those items was a great blessing at the time, and I am grateful for all the generosity our loved ones gave us. Over the last six years, as we have purchased new couches and beds, we returned the favor by donating items to others in need.

Well, now that we have been married for 6 years, it's time for some new kitchen tools! Some of our pots and pans are battered, and I was elated when Ozeri offered to send me their new ceramic 
Green Earth Frying Pan Set. I had heard the cautions about using non-stick pans where the coating can chip or release toxins at high temperatures, and I was glad to hear that Ozeri has a better choice. 

If you want pans that can handle the heat without harmful toxins, check out Ozeri's Green Earth line. They have an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. Yea, no harmful fumes or toxins! Plus, the pans were designed with enhanced heat distribution and have superior non-stick performance.

I received this item at no cost to me, but the review and opinions are mine.

You see the honeycomb shaped bumps on the pan? The textured ceramic cooking surface is designed to prevent food from sticking to the pan. Because tiny pockets of air keep the food elevated, the heat is also distributed more evenly. The heat resistant silicon coated handle is nice and long. I appreciate that they are silicone and oven-ready! Plus, if you own an induction stove, the base of the pan is magnetized. The pans  come with a detailed set of directions for using the pans. I found the directions very helpful, and following their simple tips will help the ceramic coating last for years.

And talk about non-stick, these pans are awesome! I tested these frying pans over three dinner courses, and with each meal they proved their worth. They cooked the food evenly, and cleanup was easy. I even left food residue in the pan overnight just to see how difficult cleaning would be, and the pan cleaned out with water and a light scrub. Amazing!

Here are the meals I tested the Green Earth Frying Pans with:
Lemon Chicken and Rice
Balsamic Sauteed Salmon
Crispy Pan Fried Pork Chops
& Taco Meat for burritos

I'm not a food blogger, so don't judge my pictures too harshly.

 I cooked the chicken and the rice right in then frying pan. (Luckily I had a lid that fit the top, since the pans do not come with lids.) The rice did not stick, and it cleaned up easily.

The salmon cooked partly on the stove-top and then in the oven. The Green Earth pans are oven safe up to 350 degrees.

 The pan performed well, and the sticky balsamic sauce cleaned up easily.

I didn't photograph my other meals, mainly because I am not a good food photographer, but the pan cooked and cleaned wonderfully in each dish. I did notice that meat doesn't "brown" the same as in a metal pan. But most non-stick pans struggle to achieve a good browning. The ceramic coating of the Green Earth pans works so well the food doesn't stick enough to brown. But I'd take yummy food with easy cleanup any day over a metal pan.

Not only are Ozeri's Green Earth pans wonderful cookware, they are healthy and eco-friendly . Each pan utilizes a 100% ceramic coating "inspired by nature - not a laboratory." In addition to being toxin free, each pan is very durable and more scratch-resistant than other pans. The Green Earth Pans excel at saute, fry, bake, boil, and braise with less oil and easy cleanup.

Like other non-stick pans, the Green Earth pans should be treated with care to protect their ceramic coating. Each pan comes with a foam circle to place in the pan to protect itself while stored. The pans stack together with their covers inside. Easy peasy.

Check out the Green Earth frying pans on Amazon. I promise they'll make a great Christmas gift for the foodie or chef in your family.