Clothing Crafting Night

Yesterday, out of the blue, Simon started singing the Bob the Builder theme song. For ever.
He watched the cartoon twice last week, and apparently it's his new favorite.

My new favorite thing is an idea I keep pondering. . . buying a vinyl cutting machine. I could have so much fun with that new toy, and the house would be full of beautiful creations. (Right?)

During dinner, Simon begged Johnny to make clothes for Bob the Builder. So once the baby was safe in her crib, Johnny pulled out the paper, tape, and scissors. I appreciate my husband's willingness to design paper clothes for a frog! Simon was so excited to see his frog become Bob the Builder (or Frog the Builder, as Johnny joked.)

Since I have never used vinyl before, I ordered a small swatch to practice. While the guys did clothing construction, I decided to make a bow for one of Grace's shirts. I designed an outline, traced it, and cut it out with scissors. Luckily the heat transfer vinyl attached really well using our household iron. Last night was full of clothing crafts!

Grace was so excited to wear her bow shirt this morning. The flocked vinyl came out really nice! It felt good to try something new, and be successful. There are many things I want to learn someday, and I'll have to remember not to let fear hold me back. After all, I can keep trying!

What new things would you like to try?

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