Dear mothers, take heart and have patience

I love Saturdays! What a fun family day. At my house, Saturday is a busy day for chores, gardening, errands, grocery shopping - and lately, home projects. During the week it can be hard to finish home projects, so I love that my handy husband is home on Saturdays to get stuff done. This past Saturday, our plan was to cross all sorts of things off the list, but then after the kids went to bed, I wondered if I had actually done anything.

My husband encouragingly replied that we had gotten lots done, and he rattled off a list, but I still felt a bit frustrated. Around 10:00pm, I decided to add a coat of paint to some walls in our kitchen. (We have finally started the remodel - yea!) Johnny could tell something was bothering me, but he wisely let me paint away for a few minutes before he came to help. He knew I would be "thinking." I married a smart man.

While I painted, I tried to sort out my feelings. I came to the conclusion that although we  accomplished a lot of small tasks that day, there weren't visible results of my efforts. Johnny had mowed the lawn, and you could see the result of his labor. He even got a haircut, which also had visible results. But my effort had been focused on shopping, cleaning, childcare, and phone calls. I didn't have something I could point to and say, "I did that today."

That was why I felt the urge to start painting in the kitchen. I needed a visible result of my labor.

When Johnny came into the kitchen to help me finish painting, I was able to explain the source of my frustrations. Being the sweet man he is, he complimented all that I do for our family. He added, "I don't know how you get so much done each day with the kids." But he also understood my plight. Sometimes the work a mother does is not readily apparent.

So, my fellow mommas, have patience in your efforts.
You will cook and clean and wipe boogers and change diapers for a long time. You'll read stories, sing songs, and play animal charades for years. Sometimes you'll feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you'll feel like superwoman. The results of your "labor of love" will come over time.

When I hear my children compliment each other, I know my labor is worthwhile. When I hear my kids sing the songs I made up for them, I feel appreciated. When I see their grins and hear their laughs and feel their hugs, I know they love me. So, if you feel as if you are not accomplishing enough, be patient with yourself. Be patient with your husband and your children. Communicate with them, and listen to their comforting words.

Trust that your motherly efforts are making a difference. Oh my sweet mommas - take heart and have patience.

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