12 Steps to Change and Addiction Recovery

September is “Recovery Month” in the United States,
supporting those who deal with the challenges of addiction.

This month, Mormon Channel is releasing a new series of 12 videos, each focused on a different part of the addition recovery process. One will be released each day for the first 12 days of September.

The 12 Steps to Change are:
1. Honesty
2. Hope
3. Trust in God
4. Truth
5. Confession
6. Change of Heart
7. Humility
8. Forgiveness
9. Restitution and Reconciliation
10. Daily Accountability
11. Personal Revelation
12. Service

I'll be posting a video each day on Facebook, please share with friends and family who struggle against an addiction. You may save their life! The videos are real and heartfelt and powerful. Below is the series trailer. All 12 videos are available here.
If you are ready to start your own recovery journey, or you have a loved one who is struggling against an addiction and you'd like some support, find a meeting here.

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