Grow a Stronger Family

Just recently I wrote a guest post on the wonderful family website Chicken Scratch N Sniff.

My article is titled "How You Can Grow a Stronger Family." I wrote about how the family garden is a valuable tool for strengthening family time and passing down family values. Here are two excerpts from my article:


Sometimes we use time as a catch-all phrase to explain difficult concepts. "Time heals," we say, or "Time will tell," or "It's only a matter of time." Learning the importance of allowing time to take its natural course is a helpful skill. Religion reminds us that patience is a virtue, and psychology teaches us that managing gratification leads to increased success in life.

Gardening allows a family to plan together, to work together, to rejoice together as plants grow, and to harvest together. Not only is that a tremendous amount of time spent in each other's company, but it is valuable time for parents to teach their children patience, dedication, and fun! Below are some tips to help you begin a garden that involves the whole family.


Read the rest of the article at its original source here.

I love these pictures of our family garden! Little Grace's face while pulling out an onion is priceless!

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