When you need a skirt

Last week I found myself in dire need of a skirt.
During a vacation to New York City, I realized that I left my skirt at my parent's house. Woops!
My creative friends came up with a fantastic solution.
"Use a tank top."

I needed to wear a skirt to an appointment, and so I borrowed my friend's black slip and her green tank top. What a miracle solution!

 It worked well enough!

I originally packed a skirt for vacation, but I left it at my parents' house on accident. We had attended church with my parents on Sunday, and then we left for NYC on Monday morning. My wonderful parents were kind enough to babysit our kids while we enjoyed a couple's vacation. On Thursday in NYC, we had an early morning appointment at the temple. We are Mormon, and we were excited to visit the beautiful temple in Manhattan. Because the temple is a holy place, it is important to wear a skirt or a dress when you attend.

I realized my predicament the night before, about 1:00am, and I sorta panicked with my husband and my friends. I knew we wouldn't have time to buy a skirt before our appointment. I'm so glad my friends Judy and Julie came up with a solution. The temple was beautiful, and I felt spiritually refreshed after visiting inside.