May is Women's Health Month

May is Women's Health Month, and I am excited to share this important infographic with you.
I just turned 30, and I was happy to see that I meet the suggested guidelines for my age. 

How do you monitor your health?

I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet (when I don't give in to my sweet tooth.) Our family meals include fruits and vegetables, and we try to limit the amount of processed foods we buy. Luckily, both my husband and I are great cooks, so we prepare most of our meals at home and use fresh ingredients when possible.
I also try to stay physically fit through yard work, walks around the neighborhood, chasing the kiddos, and the occasional Zumba workout on the Wii. My kids dance along with me in the living room. A healthy lifestyle is do-able even in a busy household.

Yearly doctor checkups are also important to maintain a woman's health.
Tweet, post, share, and remind your friends and family members to stay up-to-date with their doctor's visits.

Oscar presents this infographic for your road map to health. Oscar provides many services to help their members stay on top of their health! For example, the Oscar personal health timeline shows a member's complete health history right within the Oscar app. How convenient is that?
If you're in the area, you may be interested in checking out their New York or New Jersey health insurance plans.

Spread the word, and save a life.

(Click the graphic to view it in a larger size if needed.)