My Family is Growing!

Last week I went home to my parents' house because a special visitor was coming to visit.
My little brother, Jordan, was bringing home the girl he wants to marry!
I had spoken with her a few times on the phone, and she seemed very sweet, so I was excited to meet her in person. Since Johnny had to work, I took all three kids on this 1,000 mile trip by myself. Luckily, the drive was peaceful and the kids were pretty awesome on the long car rides there and back. To read some tips on surviving a car trip with toddlers, read my previous post here.

Spending time with my soon-to-be sister-in-law was fantastic. Morgan is beautiful inside and out. I'm so grateful that my brother brought her to meet us for an entire week. She seemed to comfortably fit right in to our family's flow, and I am excited to have another little sister. She'll be an extra big sister to my own little sister as well. Seeing my little brother act grown up and husband-ly was a special experience. I can tell he loves this girl! He wants to be a provider and a nurturer, and I will enjoy watching him grow into those roles. He officially proposed during the week, and I was happy to be a part of that special moment. My little sister and I set up candle-filled jars and flowers around the spot Jordan chose to propose, but as luck would have it, a storm dumped buckets of rain. Unable to move the romantic setting to another location before they arrived, my sister and I crouched down in the mud during the rainstorm to take photographs that didn't turn out because of the nasty weather. But all was well; Morgan said "yes!"

This was the best photo I captured. Everything else was dark or blurred from the rain! The pictures from far away (where we were hiding in the mud) are even worse, and all you can hear in those videos are raindrops. We tried to secretly record their special moment . . . props for trying, right?

The kids also loved time with Grammy and Grandpa! Whenever Grammy is around, I'm off the hook for duty with Grace. She wants Grammy to take her potty, Grammy to get her a drink of water, and Grammy to read her a story. Grace literally tells me, "No, I want Grammy to do it." So vacation life is a breeze for me!
Simon and Grace played for hours with the "new" toys at Grammy and Grandpa's house too. They played with little kittens, threw balls for the dog, and saw baby bunnies. We played at the park, went for walks, hiked through the canyon, and visited the zoo. There were so many adults around to entertain my kids that everyone had a fun time.
I'm grateful for a loving family and for parents who love to spoil their grandchildren.
Enjoy the photo explosion below:

Ruby is almost six months old now.
And my mother is so beautiful!

Watching tigers at the zoo

Simon and one very patient kitten

Hiking the large cave at Palo Duro Canyon

She wanted to snuggle with Grammy

Ruby loved the swings at my old elementary school park

Grandpa and Ruby's drool fest at Cadillac Ranch
It' official. Save the date for Jordan and Morgan

Watching my little sister perform. She's on the same dance team that I performed with in high school. Go Steppers!

The dancers hosted a kid's camp that morning, and after the little kids showed off their new dance moves, the high schoolers performed.
It was fun to reminisce on my years as a Stepper while I watched the current squad dance.