Earth Day 2015

It's Earth Day!

I haven't celebrated Earth Day since my years in elementary school, but I thought it would be fun to do a quick lesson with my kiddos today about our wonderful Earth. So, today after lunch we colored pictures of bees and flowers. Then I attached the bees to popsicle sticks, and we carried them out to our garden beds. This year we had thousands of bees visit our garden when the broccoli bloomed, so Simon and Grace were very familiar with bees in the garden. We stuck their paper bees into the dirt and filled a small wagon with sugar water. (Their bucket had a leak, hence the wagon.) I explained to the kids that the bees could drink the sugar water for a yummy snack.

Afterwards we came inside and I showed them pictures of the Earth from outer space. I showed them where we live on the massive planet, and they thought it was pretty cool to talk about the Earth. We also touched on the creation story found in Genesis, and we talked about all the animals, plants, and waters that God created for us to enjoy. Then, we talked about how the bees help all the plants grow, and that's why we want to help the honeybees. Simon was more interested in talking about honey and Winnie-the-Pooh at this point, so our Earth Day lesson ended.
Even though it was a short lesson to teach about Earth Day, I'm glad I took the time to follow through with it. My mother was great at teaching us through simple, creative means, and I hope I can be like her as my children grow up. Happy Earth Day to your family too!

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