Rice Cereal Time

Awww, it's rice cereal time.
Knowing my baby is old enough for rice cereal is bittersweet. On one hand, my tiny little newborn is growing up too quickly! On the other hand, my hungry little kiddo will finally be full enough to sleep longer at nighttime. We've always started rice cereal when our kids have turned four months old. With our third baby, we were eagerly anticipating the four month mark because her sleeping patterns were so poor. She had previously been sleeping through the night, peacefully, and then she was waking up twice during the night to nurse. No fun for us parents! The day after she turned four months, she got her first taste of "real" food.

Simon hated his first taste of rice cereal.
Grace loved her taste of rice cereal.
And baby Ruby was somewhere in between.

 Simon cried. . . 

Grace smiled. . .

 Ruby smiled and frowned and couldn't decide if she like cereal or not.

It has been a couple weeks since she started tasting rice cereal, and tonight she gulped down the entire bowl.
Hopefully that means she'll sleep peacefully all night long. Fingers crossed!

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