Ozeri Duckymeter Review

My kids love bath time.
Once they hear the water running, they race through the house, throwing off their clothes, ready to jump into the tub. And in our house, bath time means time with Daddy. He is more patient than I am during bath time, so Simon and Grace get extra time to play with bath animals and foam letters and bath crayons. Our most recent addition to the bath toy collection is a Duckymeter from Ozeri.

I was compensated one Duckymeter in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

This special duck lets a parent quickly gauge the water temperature in the tub. Using colors, the duck tells you if the water is too cold (blue) or just right (green) or too hot (red.) And the duckymeter flashes color as long as it is wet, so it continually gauges the temperature during bath time. Our kids love that it glows the entire time! Young babies are more sensitive to water temperatures, so the Duckymeter would help ease some anxiety for parents with newborn babies. 
Plus, the duck is similarly sized to traditionally bath time rubber duckies, so it fits right into our collection of bath duckies. 

I had to take this picture quick, because the kids were excited to hop into the bathtub with their new toy! 

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The instruction manual is easy to read, and the Duckymeter comes with a one year warranty.

If you are looking for a fun toy to spice up bath time, plus keep your kids safe, give the Duckymeter a try.
It is helpful for parents and fun for kids. Find it on Amazon here.