Roots Mapper & Family Tree Lines

I stumbled across an exciting program/app today called Roots Mapper.
I originally found out about this on the "Small Things" blog (see her article here.)

Roots Mapper allows you to follow the lines of your family tree and see where everyone migrated from. You can choose how far back to trace your line, from one to ten generations back!

My family tree lines go from this image at 3 generations:

to this image at 10 generations back!

Roots Mapper is connected to Family Search, one of the largest genealogical databases. Each of those numbers is connected to a person, and if you click it you can see their ancestors spread out from your tree.

There is power in knowing where you come from, and the stories that are passed down will enrich your life and your children's lives. I've written a bit about that here.

For example, Thomas Callister migrated to Utah from England in the 1800s. His tales of courage, faith, and determination are inspiring. We gave our son the middle name Collister, after this great ancestor.

One common counseling technique called "the family genogram" tracks generational mental health traits. This allows a counselor to see a family history of depression, anger, abuse, divorce, alcoholism, etc. Luckily, a genogram can also show positive family traits such as stable marriages, health, and loving parenting styles.
Knowing what's in your family history allows you to appreciate their stories and adjust goals for your own future.
Compiling your family history is an exciting work, 
and I hope you come to know the "humanness" of your ancestors
and find peace in your ability to write your own story.

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