the Newborn Photos You Need to Take: Ideas and Tips

Yesterday I finished little Ruby's newborn photo book. Thank you Shutterfly!
It was so sweet to look back at all her first pictures, even though she's only 2 months old. Time goes by so quickly that it's hard to remember she hasn't been in our family forever. This week my maternity leave ends, and I'll also be returning to work, so I must be in a reminiscent phase today. Luckily I only work a couple nights a week for a couple hours, so I'll be home to play with my kiddos as they grow up. One of my goals is to take lots of pictures as they grow, and so far I've been able to accomplish that. I love looking back through the years and remembering the kids' favorite toys and outfits and other precious moments.

So if you're expecting a new baby, congratulations! 
Below are some newborn pictures you'll want to pin and use at your little one's photo shoot.
This post will focus on the baby portraits. 
For ideas on family photos with a newborn click here. For ideas on sibling photos with a newborn click here.
(fyi I did not take these photos. The photographers were Janell Heathcock, Judy Horton, and Emma Powell. But the cute kids are mine!)

Get close ups of baby's face.
Bonus points if they'll keep their eyes open!
Ask your photographer to capture their face, and try to keep outfits or props simple for this pose.

Capture their crowning glory.
Show off their hair (or lack thereof) with a head shot.
It just so happens that my husband is holding the baby is each of these pictures below.
Maybe that's a tradition we'll have to keep up for future babies.

Photograph their tiny perfections.
Capture photos of all their little body parts: their noses, ears, tiny toes, and clenched fingers.
Everything is so small and clean and delicate as a newborn.

Get pictures in their birthday suit.
During newborn portraits, you have to get a photo of their sweet little nakey body.
Remember that newborns usually don't like getting cold, so these shots need to be taken in a warm room, and have blankets for afterwards. And just expect them to pee while their diapers is off. It's inevitable.

I hope you find inspiration for your own newborn's photos. Congratulations again on your upcoming arrival.

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