Carrot Harvest

We had our first bought of warm weather this weekend. Yea!
How enjoyable to soak up some sunshine with some good ol' fashioned yard work.
We trimmed the bushes, we mowed the yard, we cut back the flowers, and we prepared the garden bed for Spring. Luckily, we had an entire bed of carrots waiting to be harvested (since it's now time to plant carrot seeds again!) so we had fun pulling the carrots. The kids love pulling vegetables from the dirt!
And we had some monster sized carrots this year too!

That's a normal sized carrot next to our widest carrots.

 An entire wheelbarrow full of carrots! Good thing the kids love to eat them.

This was our second year of carrots. I thought it would interesting to keep a record of the largest and widest carrot so we can track our carrots through the years.
The longest carrot was 10 inches long! And the widest two carrots were 2 inches wide. Wow!

After being cooped up inside all winter, it felt refreshing to be outside getting our hands dirty. Sounds ironic, I know.

(Simon was wearing a lion mask. He wore it all day.)
That carrot is bigger than his head!

Luckily I have a yummy carrot cake recipe. . . time for dessert!

A few tips on planting carrots:
*Don't use a lot of compost in the soil. Carrots don't like that for some reason.
*Make sure the soil is loose, and remove rocks and clumps of spoil. If carrots hit something as the root grows then the carrot will split or turn.
*They can keep growing in the garden throughout a frost, as long as the ground doesn't freeze (which it doesn't do in Texas.) So don't pull them all at once in the Fall, leave some in the ground for easy storage and bigger carrots!

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